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Who we are.


First off thank you for taking the time to view this page and I hope my passion will continue on with you!

RC paragliders is the brain child of, Me ( Jeff Howard)  I have been facinated with flight from an early age. My Radio Control/modeling passion began over 30 years ago.. From Radio Control, Full on Paragliding, paramotoring, sport kite design, basically anything that would Fly!,  running a sewing machine and design has been my way of life..  7 years ago I had the dream of building the most realistic true Mini RC paraglider setup that can ridge soar and here we are.  With my many connections in manfuacturing of all types of kites and designs around the world, I am able to produce top quallity products and supply them very easily.  On the wing side of things I am lucky to work with and get the help of the world renowned paraglider designer Rob Whittal.  Upon the first view of my harness and machanical setup of the Pilot, Rob was fully on board.  We will continue to progress the wings and gear from year to year and as we see fit.

When the project began I knew that a hobbiest really doesn't care to cut and sew, but Cutting and Gluing is a normal feeling. So I set out to build the harness and wings, so that anyone can easily get a standard 12" action figure and install servos and your ready to fly.  But we also have in the plans to provide Custom Pilots ready to install recievers and fly as well.

I will continue to update this info as the progression goes on..  

Jeff Howard