Wing connection points-  Larks-Head knots and how they work.

 The UZI wing and all RCP products use a Larks-head knot system for all connection points to the harness and wing.  Using clips and or heavy buckles are not needed.  The cleaner the system the less chance of tangles when doing tricks or simply launching etc.

 I have found this system can be modified in so many ways.  Making small loop and knot chains can allow you change of angle of attack on the wing as the winds speeds pick up.  And I have also found this system great to testing things and trying something new.  When testing the wing with a motor I have found it very helpful and simple to change the angle of the wing forward for better flying under power.

Using Larks-head system allows you:


-          Easy adjustments at anytime.


-    Easy to remove the wing and or brakes at anytime.


-          Provides a nice clean attachment where buckles and clips can get tangles


-          Using your imagination you can make loop chains for endless adjustments

Main Connection-  Below shows the main connection point of the harness to the wing main.   On the harness slide the loop back over itself to create the cinch point of the Larks-head knot.  Simply insert the knot end of the UZI-1 main connection through the loop of the main that you created and cinch down, its as easy as that.  Discounecting is as easy as loosing the cinch loop and sliding the knot out.

Step-1 main connection                                Step-2 Main connection                      Step 3 Main connection

Brake connection-  This system is also used for attaching the brake or steer lines of the UZI-1 wing to th pilots hand controls.   On the Brakes I usually make more then a few knots to allow small adjustments.  But again make a cinch loop on the on the pilot hand control lines, insert brake lines and cinch loop tight. 

Step-1 brake connection                                           Step-2 Brake connection